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At Rojas Construction, our biggest commitment to our customers since opening in 2012 has been offering quality roofing that is completely affordable to everyone. For residential or commercial property owners who want a roofer in Noblesville, IN that they can trust, turn to the team at Rojas Construction for better roofing services and prices. Roofing that is able to make you feel safe and comfortable is really important to our daily lives. Better roofing for your home or business is attainable with the help of our roofers, as they have the knowledge and tools to provide exceptional roofing services. To work with our dedicated and licensed roofing contractors, call us at (317) 899-9060 today.

Roof Replacement

We Offer High-Quality Roof Replacement Service

Roof Replacement Service

Need a Roof Replacement? Contact Our Team of Roofers Today.

While most of the time our roofers are able to offer minor or major repairs for commercial and residential roofs, there are times when repairs aren’t the best solution. On occasion, repairs won’t be able to fix the issue because the problem keeps occurring or it’s too costly. In situations where repairs are expensive or too frequent, our roofing contractors will suggest a roof replacement. A roof replacement is usually not the answer that our customers want, but roof replacements aren’t necessarily a bad thing. With a roof replacement, our roofers are able to install a new roofing system that won’t result in consistent repairs and you will actually be saving money in the long run. A newer roof means a decrease in repairs, as well as better energy efficiency and an increase in the value of your property. Whether you need a commercial roof replacement or a residential roof replacement, a roofer in Noblesville, IN is able to help you. Please contact our office today at (317) 899-9060 to get a roof replacement for your home or business.

Storm Damage

Roof Insurance Claims and Storm Damaged Roofs

Roof Insurance Claims and Storm Damaged Roofs

Our Roofers Are Able to Offer Storm Damage Roof Repair and Help with Your Roof Insurance Claims.

It is inevitable that your commercial roof or residential roof will become damaged by a storm one day. While it’s something we try to prepare for, storms don’t always give us a lot of time to get ready, resulting in a roof that is harmed by hail, wind, or another type of storm. Storms can cause a wide range of damages from roof leaks to torn roofing, so it’s imperative to call a roofer in Noblesville, IN whenever your home or business’s roof has been damaged by a storm. At Rojas Construction, we are able to offer quick and effective storm damage roof repair service. From hail damage to an emergency roofing situation, you can depend on us to get your roof back in shape.

In addition to our storm damage roof repair service, we can also offer our assistance with your roof insurance claim. We understand that the whole roof insurance claims process can be tedious and confusing, so we are eager to help you if you need additional help. We are able to work with your roof insurance company to get you the money for the repairs that you need. Call our office at (317) 899-9060 and get the services that you require for your storm damaged roof.

Roof Repair

When You Want Roof Repair, We Are the Roofers To Call

Roof Repair

Get Roof Repair for Your Home or Business Today.

Our commercial or residential roof can become damaged for a number of reasons. From storm damages to lack of maintenance, it is very easy for a roof to become damaged when it’s been harmed or hasn’t been properly maintained. Fortunately, our roofing contractors are here to offer their help. We have been serving this area for the past several years, and in that time, we have helped many commercial and residential customers get their roofs back in great condition. What makes it difficult for customers is not knowing when to call for repairs.

At the first sign of a roof leak or damaged gutters, call a roofer in Noblesville, IN to help you. Waiting until your roofing system is beyond repair can result in a commercial roof replacement or residential roof replacement service. We are able to decrease this chance by offering fast and reliable repairs, using high-quality tools and materials to get the job done. Whether it’s a minor repair on your home’s roof or you have a ripped commercial roof membrane, our roofers are able to handle any type of repair, no matter how big or small the damage is. Call us at (317) 899-9060 anytime you need repairs for your roof.

Metal Roofing

Exceptional Metal Roofing for Your Home

Metal Roof

We Offer a Wide Selection of Metal Roofs That We Can Install and Repair.

For years, metal roofing was known as a commercial roofing material for agricultural or industrial buildings. While metal roofing is still incredibly popular for commercial properties, in recent years, homeowners have found that metal roofing is a great roof material for homes. Not only is it incredibly durable, but depending on the type of metal that is used, the roof can last up to 50 or 100 years. In addition to its extraordinary ability to last for years, it can also improve a home or business’s curb appeal, as well as add extra value to the property.

Metal roofing is a superb roofing system, which is why we offer a wide range of metal roof materials to choose from. For customers who want the look of traditional wood shake roofing or a very industrial look, we are able to help them find the best metal roof for their property and install it correctly the first time around. Call Rojas Construction today at (317) 899-9060 to speak with a roofer in Noblesville, IN about setting up an installation appointment for metal roofing.


A Residential Roofer You Can Depend On

Residential Roofer

Dependable and Expert Residential Roofer.

As homeowners, we depend on our residential roofing for a number of reasons. Whether that’s to keep us protected from severe storms or to keep outside elements from entering our home, a residential roofing system is integral in how protected and comfortable we feel in our homes. The roofers at Rojas Construction want nothing more than for our residential clients to have the roof of their dreams, so if that’s getting a repair for their asphalt shingle roof or upgrading to slate roofing, we are more than happy to help! From high-quality installations to complete replacements, you can trust that our roofers are able to enhance the look of your home, as well as improve the overall value of our residential roof services.

On top of common services like repairs, installations, and replacements, we offer a wide selection of roofing materials to choose from. If you are someone who is interested in the look of tile roofing but not the weight it puts on your home or someone who loves the traditional look of shingles, we have the premium roofing solutions that you will love. Keep your home safe and comfortable by calling us at (317) 899-9060 today. A roofer in Noblesville, IN can make an appointment that is convenient for you and provide you with affordable, fast, and quality roofing services for your home.


Expert and Dependable Commercial Roofer

Commercial Roofer

With a Professional Commercial Roofer, You Can Get Better Roofing for Your Business.

At Rojas Construction, we are proud of the commercial roofing services that we offer our clients. From foam roofing to commercial roof coatings, we carry a large selection of roofing materials that are sure to keep your commercial property safe and comfortable. Good quality commercial roofing is essential for many different reasons. One of the biggest reasons exceptional commercial roofing materials are needed is that they ensure we have better productivity. When a roof leaks or in some dangers the people who work in the building, it can halt a work day, which in turn declines productivity. In order to ensure this doesn’t happen, we can help our customers find the best commercial roof for their budget and needs.

While we carry a wide variety of commercial roofing materials, we are also able to help customers if they need to upgrade their roof or if they need to improve the performance of their roof. From installations to repairs, you can rely on our roofing contractors to increase the function of your roof or guarantee that it is in better condition. Let a roofer in Noblesville, IN help you today by calling us at (317) 899-9060 for outstanding commercial roofing materials and services. We are only a phone call away, so contact our office today for better commercial roofing.

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