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Our roofing is essential to keeping us protected and comfortable in our homes and businesses. From providing shelter against a severe storm to keeping out outside elements, our roofs hold an important role in our day to day lives. Because of this, it’s important that when you need to repair your home’s roof or want to install a new roofing system on your building, you have a roofing contractor in Ripley County, IN that you can trust. Rojas Construction is a roofing company who has been serving the state of Indiana with residential and commercial roofing since 2012. In the years since we have opened, we have developed incredible relationships with Indiana residents and have performed hundreds and hundreds of roof repairs, installations, and replacements on various commercial and residential roofing materials. When you want a roofing company who will always go above and beyond for you, call Rojas Construction today! To set up an appointment with a roofing contractor in Ripley County, IN, contact our office by calling (317) 899-9060.

Cities We Serve in Ripley County

At Rojas Construction, we are able to service several counties in Indiana. It has always been our mission to help as many people get the best roofing for their property, so we offer services to an array of cities in Ripley County. Below are the cities in Ripley County that we are able to offer our services to.

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In order to help as many people as possible, we carry a wide range of roofing materials for our customers to choose from. Not only that, we have services that are able to tackle any type of issue or need that our future or present customers could ever want.

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