Premium Roofing Services

Premium Roofing

At Rojas Construction, We Offer a Wide Variety of Premium Roofing Systems for Your Home.

Have aesthetically pleasing roofing as well as superior security for your home if you call Rojas Construction for premium roofing in Noblesville, IN. We want our residential customers to have the roofing system they desire, that is why Rojas Construction offers several premium roof services and products to decide from. Whether you want high-end synthetic shingle roofing or impact resistant shingle roofing, our roofing contractors have the knowledge, training, and licenses to fix, install and maintain any type of premium roof system. When you are a residential property owner who is looking to upgrade the aesthetic of their home with a new roofing system, premium roof systems are definitely a roofing material to get more information on. To schedule an appointment for premium roofing in Noblesville, IN, contact our residential roofers now at (317) 899-9060 so we are able to get an appointment time that is within your schedule.

We Provide These Premium Roofing Services

In order to get the most out of Rojas Construction’s premium roofs, we provide our Noblesville area clients a selection of services to decide from. With our premium roof services, customers won’t just get additional curb appeal but they will be updating their roofing to a fantastic and quality product.

Architectural Shingles

Architectural Shingles

Want Luxury Roofing for Your Home? Call Us for Architectural Shingles.

Architectural shingles have been a massive advancement in modern roofing technology. The many benefits of these shingles, which are totally identifiable from usual asphalt shingles, incorporate improved design potential. Architectural shingle roofing is one of our superior, recommended premium roofing products for everyone who needs an updated roof. We stand as the community authorities on architectural shingle roofing and do ideal installations of this excellent material.

It’s hard to top architectural shingle roofs when you consider efficiency in a roofing system. Accentuated strength is just one of the benefits architectural shingles, also referred to as laminate, dimensional, or composite shingles, offer over the typical variety. To learn additional information about the installation of architectural shingles in Noblesville, IN, give us a ring right away at (317) 899-9060.

Why You Should Consider Architectural Shingles

A residence and homeowner will gain copious positive attributes from an architectural shingle roof. At Rojas Construction, we do our best to make our clients informed of all the benefits that their selections can bring. If you settle on an architectural shingle roofing for your house, you should count on the following advantages.

  • Cost: Architectural shingle roofs are a more affordable pick between luxury roofing systems such as tile and slate roofing.
  • Durability: Architectural shingle roofing has several layers made from a better formulated, stronger substance.
  • Appearance: In addition to picks that will emulate a variety of alternative roofing materials, architectural shingle roofs are also available in a broad array of styles and colors.

If you want to install architectural shingles in Noblesville, IN to your home’s roofing, call our residential roofers today.

Impact Resistant Shingles

Impact Resistant Shingles

Want Protection From Severe Storms? Look No Further Than Impact Resistant Shingles.

As a homeowner, you recognize the importance of quality for the defense as well as maintenance of your house. That’s why we know that quality roof materials are a priority to you, and why we here at Rojas Construction only supply quality premium roofing solutions to our customers. Wind damages are common after severe storms, and hail is too, which can potentially tear parts of your roof system in minutes. If you possess a traditional asphalt roof, your roofing material might not have what it takes to stand up to impact from hail! Luckily, impact resistant shingles in Noblesville, IN are a great alternative to standard asphalt shingles. Give us a call at (317) 899-9060 to learn more about these types of residential roofing systems.

What Are Impact Resistant Shingles?

As expected, impact resistant shingles are live up to their title, in that they’re able to handle hail falling without cracking on impact. With traditional shingles, hail typically causes damage to the top of the shingle, along with the fiberglass matting underneath. Impact resistant shingle, though, is made to withstand hail falling without sustaining breakage on the top, or the mat below. There are several varying methods that shingles are checked for strength, but all include dropping a 2″ or larger object from a measured distance. A quality shingle won’t display any signs of harm on the surface or the fiberglass backing. Want to install impact resistant shingles in Noblesville, IN for your home? Call our roofing company today.

Slate Roofing

Slate Roofing

Interested in Installing a Slate Roof? Call Our Expert Residential Roofers Today!

Are you noticing a decrease in energy efficiency in your house, along with obvious indications of wear and tear on your roof system? If you are searching for a roofing system that can protect your home for decades, and you are ready to invest in the long-term value of your house, we might have the perfect roofing system for you. Slate roof solutions are unbeatable in durability and longevity, and are regularly considered to be some of the most aesthetically impressive roof systems on the market. If you're interested in learning more about our installations for a slate roof in Noblesville, IN, give us a ring today at (317) 899-9060! When you need a roof contractor you can trust with your home's slate roofing, rely on the technicians at Rojas Construction!

Why Install a Slate Roof?

Though you have many different options for materials when you invest in a tile roof system, slate tiles hold the most value per square foot. To begin, you can expect a lifespan of over 100 years from a slate roof, which is difficult to find in just about every other kind of roof material. This is because unlike man-made materials such as clay and concrete, the natural slate is incredibly strong, and can’t be matched by other materials. Protected from mildew and fungus growth, slate tiles are even non-combustible, so your roof has added safety from fire. With Rojas Construction, all of our clients have access to our wide stock of slate tiles, making sure you have the optimal slate roof installation experience. Call our residential roofers today to set up an installation appointment for a slate roof in Noblesville, IN.

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Shingles Are a Great Alternative To More Expensive Roofing Systems.

Homeowners who want a new roofing system get presented with a lot of choices. Since so many choices are now available, we do our best to keep our customers up-to-date on all the relative advantages. Synthetic shingle roofing supplies an abundance of advantages for a home. Whatever your house’s size or style, chances are one of our synthetic shingle options should do perfectly.

Rojas Construction is the company to believe in for premium roofing around Noblesville, IN. If a customer chooses synthetic shingle roofs, our crew fulfills every expectation with a masterful install. A great deal of a roof’s effectiveness depends on the level of its placement. There is no need to concern yourself about the level of installation when you hire our expert team. Phone us at your earliest convenience at (317) 899-9060 to schedule a consultation or work for synthetic shingles in Noblesville, IN.

The Pros of Synthetic Shingles

For a budget alternative to ceramic, slate, or wood shingle roofs, you can’t go wrong with synthetic roofing. Certain expensive roofing materials will actually compare unfavorably to synthetic shingles in regards to price and sturdiness. These shingles are additionally weather-resistant, an invaluable characteristic that can preserve an impressive amount of repair and replacement costs. If you are still hesitant about whether or not to select synthetic shingles for your home, consider the abundance of advantages.

  • Style and Appearance: Synthetic shingle roofs are nearly identical to their more costly substitutes when installing a roofing system.
  • Lightweight: Synthetic shingle roofs are surprisingly light, a considerable benefit over heavier shingles such as slate or tile.
  • Durability: Not many roof materials can surpass the absolute long-lasting nature of synthetic shingle roofing. Strong shingles such as these save a lot of cash on service and repair and retain their attractive appearance down through the years.

Give us a call today when you want to install synthetic shingles in Noblesville, IN on your home.

Types of Synthetic Shingles

Synthetic Slate

Synthetic Slate Roof Installation

Synthetic Slate Roofing

Want the Look of Slate without the Huge Price Tag? Call Us for Synthetic Slate Roofing!

Are you in the market for a classic as well as stylish roofing system that can last twice as long as an asphalt shingle roof system? Synthetic slate shingles may be the exact solution you’re after! This synthetic shingle roofing not only looks as grand as natural slate but also improves your house with additional benefits as well. If synthetic slate roofing in Noblesville, IN is a roofing choice you would like to know more about, give our residential roofers a call at (317) 899-9060 now! We have been providing this community with affordable roofs for many years, and we look forward to helping you choose the perfect premium roof system for your home today!

Synthetic Slate Roofing Benefits

In the roofing industry, real slate roofing is a coveted and heavily recommended roof material due to how resilient and beautiful it can be. While natural slate can endure for one hundred and fifty years, it is also hard to fix, hard to source, and very, very expensive. Thankfully, you can depend on synthetic slate shingles to save the day! To begin, synthetic slate roof installations are only half the price of real slate and still provide you with that Class A fire rating. Additionally, at only one-fourth of the weight of authentic slate, you can expect fifty years worth of impressive impact resistance, and reduced stress on your roof’s supports. One of the main perks you can count on is that very few individuals will be able to see the difference because the authentic and synthetic slates look so incredibly alike. If you are interested in investing in synthetic slate roofing in Noblesville, IN or the nearby areas, you can always depend on the experts at Rojas Construction!

Synthetic Tile

Synthetic Tile Roof

Synthetic Tile Roof

Traditional Tile Roofs Can Be Hard To Maintain, So Call Us To Install Synthetic Roof Tiles To Your Home’s Roof.

Tile roofs can add substantial strength, beauty, and depth to your home. Unfortunately, tiles can also add weight, cost, and maintenance effort to your roofing system. However, synthetic tile is a great alternative to standard tile that provides the same great protection and style, but at almost half of the cost and none of the pre bracing. Call (317) 899-9060 to learn more about the advantages of synthetic roof tiles in Noblesville, IN, or to schedule your consultation. The residential roofers at Rojas Construction are experts in this type of premium roofing system, so if you have any questions about our installation process or you want more information about our other synthetic shingles, feel free to call us anytime.

Advantages of Synthetic Roof Tiles

There are many material choices for your synthetic tile, and all offer their own benefits. They are typically constructed of acrylic, PVC, fiberglass, or rubber, and can outperform many other types of roofing solutions. These tiles are extremely durable and can resist the perils of rain, snow, wind, UV rays, and even debris. The tiles can also be recycled at the end of their life which makes them an environmentally friendly choice. Synthetic tiles are extremely lightweight and need no bracing or reinforcement prior to installation. When installed by an experienced professional, your tiles can last more than 50 years. If you are interested in our roofers installing synthetic roof tiles in Noblesville, IN to your roofing system, please give our office a call.

Synthetic Wood Shake

Synthetic Wood Roof

Synthetic Wood Roof

Get the Beauty of Shake Roofing without the Hassle When You Call Us to Install Synthetic Shake Shingles.

When you want a roof with the homey beauty of cedar shake shingles minus all the worry, Rojas Construction is ready to install synthetic shake shingles in Noblesville, IN. Installation of synthetic shake shingle roofing is much easier and the finished roof doesn’t need as much upkeep as a traditional wood roof. Not only is the installation and upkeep easier, the price of installation is also a lot cheaper than installing a traditional shake roof. Contact our residential roofers at (317) 899-9060 to find out more about this premium roof system.

Reasons to Choose Synthetic Shake Shingles

There is a significant amount of upkeep required for a cedar shake roof. The shingles need to be washed every few months in order to prevent the growth of algae and moss, which can harm the roof. Wood shake roofs need extra examinations to stay ahead of damage caused by wood rot. Also, the installation process requires specialized skills to account for the fact that wood expands over time. The installation process for synthetic shake shingles is the same as asphalt shingles and these roofs do not need a lot of attention. Really, the only maintenance that is required by a synthetic shake shingle roof is an annual examination, which is recommended for almost all roofing systems.

Severe storms don’t typically affect synthetic shake shingles. They are able to endure winds as strong as 200 mph and driving rain as strong as 106 mph. Synthetic shakes shingles are resistant to fire, mold, mildew, and termites. For a strong synthetic shingle roof that will save you money on roof upkeep and repairs, consider synthetic shake shingles in Noblesville, IN.

Tile Roofing Installation

Tile Roofing

Get High-Quality Tile Roofing By Calling Rojas Construction Today!

The owners of a house should derive plenty of advantages from tile roof. Visual impression aside, tile roofs reward homeowners with long-lasting security and durability. Noblesville, IN has a sole leader when it comes to tile roofs: Rojas Construction. With all your tile roof necessities, such as installation and service, keep in mind our name.

A key component of Mediterranean-style architecture, clay tiles look nice across a large variety of houses. Concrete or slate tiles can provide even better longevity, and present an aesthetically compelling choice for homeowners to think about. If you have interest in tile roofing for Noblesville, IN, give us a ring today at (317) 899-9060.

The Positives of Tile Roofing

The demand for tile in-house roofing has persisted high. Visual attractiveness and a pronounced degree of longevity provide the explanations why. An explanation of some benefits could help you settle whether to invest in a tile roof for your own home.

  • Long-Term Performance: Compared to options like asphalt shingle, tile offers much longer longevity. With proper maintenance, the lifespan of tile roofing should last from 60 to one hundred years. If your roofing is in need of long term protection from rain, roof tiles are one of the best options available.
  • Variety: Roof tiles, in particular concrete roof tiles, posses an almost unlimited selection of style options. Thanks to the impressive amount of styles roofing tile has to offer, you can find whichever roof style you're going for, since some roofing styles even look like asphalt shingles!
  • Weather-Resistant: Tiles also have an exceptional amount of resistance to bad weather and high winds. If instituted adequately, tile roofing can stand up to winds of up to 150 mph. Less frequent fixes mean that tile roofs will actually conserve resources over the long-term.
  • Color Maintenance: Several types of roofs start to seem faded long before their utility has come to an end. Coloring derived from natural origins including iron oxides or the clay mixture provide the vibrancy for tile roofs. Because of this, your residence will continue to appear attractive thanks to longstanding coloring on your roof.

Give residential roofers a call today to schedule your installation for tile roofing in Noblesville, IN.

For High-Quality Premium Roofing, Contact Rojas Construction Today!

Premium Roof Systems

Our Premium Roofing Ranges from Tile Roofing to Synthetic Shingles.

If you are a residential property owner who is wanting premium roofing for their Noblesville, IN house, look no further than our roof company to assist you. We aren’t only pleased to provide our customers exceptional premium roofing services and materials, we are also proud to provide quality client service. Our customers are a huge priority for us, and it is our mission to go the extra mile for them, exceeding every one of their roofing expectations. A bunch of roofing businesses aren’t there for every step, but our roof company is different; we are there each step of the way, offering clients with quality roofing and client service. Want premium roofing in Noblesville, IN? Contact (317) 899-9060 so one of our roofers can schedule a practical appointment time for you.